January: A Good Month To Create

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January is my favorite month. AND I’ve heard from others who feel the same way. It’s just a great month to play catch up. We’ve got a clean slate. The outdoors isn’t beckoning the way it is in spring. That means we spend more time indoors. And that means we can organize. There’s a reason for January being white sale month and catalogs appear filled with closet organizers. But in the world of retailers, this is also trade show month. There are gift shows all over the country but I follow the Craft and Hobby Association Show because that’s the one I’ve attended for many many years. Lately I haven’t gone, but luckily I still get all the email information. It’s a great time of year to take up a craft or go back to one you haven’t done for a while. Remember when needlepoint was such a big craze? Now it seems to be knitting. Read More

Cozy Up

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WOW! IT’S 2015. Didn’t the year fly by? Do we say that every year?

The sun is shining and this morning I took a walk out along the Washington Street town pier. I counted three little boats in the harbor but the seagulls were out in full force. The pier was littered with broken shells, a testament to the ingenuity of the gulls. How did they all figure out exactly how to get a meal. At what height do they have to fly in order to drop the shell so it will open? Sounds silly but it’s what I was pondering as I watched them. Most of all I marveled at the stillness – No seasonal energy. I’ve lived here most of my life and never tire of this time of year.

Since I live in town I don’t consider it a neighborhood. In a neighborhood , it’s assumed there are neighbors. Windows are shaded or shuttered closed until summer. I’m used to it and don’t find it weird, unless a winter houseguest comments about it. Hooray! The holidays are over. Time to regroup. Reorganize your space. Here’s what could sound pathetic. My daily walk to do errands is like a social life. I bump into at least three or four people I know and a little chat in the supermarket is like going to a cocktail party. In ten minutes you catch up with whatever needs catching up with.

If you’re on the same page, you’re embracing January as a sort of selfish month. Need some cozying-up ideas? Make your home the best place to be. No more December brouhaha. I finished my new book before the very last day of the month. – a big goal! The layout is complete thanks to Jon and it’s off to the publisher. That said, cozy, charming, cottage style is on my mind. Here are some ideas for a little warmth, Nantucket cottage style.

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Find It! Paint It! Love It!

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Farrow & Ball, that wonderful English paint company is hosting a series of talks and events on how to add a bit of punch with color to your interior décor. However, they are all taking place in London!! But, good news! You can get all sorts of great advice, inspiration and a list of the events – in case you are planning a trip abroad, from their web site: us.farrow-ball.com/talks/-events/content Read More

Wicker Furniture

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Lately I’ve had attitude about wicker furniture. I thought I was kind of over it as a style of outdoor furniture. Maybe that’s because, in my last three books, it seemed the “go to” furniture on every porch we photographed. It became a cliché symbol for a romantic, throw back to the great Gatsby era. So I was off it – until this morning. What changed my mind? Read More

June is Wedding Month

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June is wedding month on Nantucket. Every weekend in June there might be as many as ten weddings filling all the churches and popular wedding venues including the various beaches. Let’s face it, can you think of a better, more romantic place to be married? Your guests will remember your special weekend as their special weekend as well. What inspires wedding themes? NANTUCKET FLOWERS! Read More

Passionate Over Hardware Stores!

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From my blog in the Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror

I know I’m not alone. My heart races with excitement when I’m in a hardware store. All those possibilities! A few weeks ago I spent an hour in Ace Hardware in Key West. Did- Not- Need- One- Thing!! So, why was I there? I love to browse the aisles for inspiration taking pictures of things with possibilities to ponder at my leisure. Then I go back to get the materials for the projects worth doing. Great inspiration! Here’s a primer. The following are the results of one visit.  Read More

Parisian Style in Palm Beach

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Think Paris. Think style. Last week I discovered a bit of Parisian style in Palm Beach. Nantucketers who vacation in Florida fall into two camps. It’s a matter of East versus West Coasts: Naples, Sarasota or Sanibel for some, Palm Beach social life for others. And then there’s Key West – the funkiest of all. . Last year, Nantucket gallery owner, Janis Aldridge, opened a shop/gallery in Palm Beach.  Read More

Design Directions

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That's a Great Idea!This is a busy week on Nantucket. Not only are we winding down the summer season but sliding into Labor Day weekend with still lots of events going on around town. Tomorrow night I will be talking about my new book from 7 to 8 p.m. upstairs at Mitchell’s Book Corner. The book, “That’s A Great Idea” is a compilation of the best of my columns in this paper for over thirty years. It’s got lots of Nantucket references to people and places you’ll recognize (some not here any more) and it’s chock full of good ideas, tips and how-to advice for sprucing up your homes with a Nantucket style. The columns represent those that got the most response from all of my readers. And you are all a very vocal bunch. Thankfully I am not writing about politics or any other subject that might be construed as controversial so I bask in more praise than criticism, but I’ve had my share of that as well. It makes for good follow-up editorials.

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Change. If you were doing a crossword puzzle and the clue was “change” you could interpret the word many ways: change of clothes, change of attitude, change of looks or change of the sort that shakes things up and makes us take a second look. That’s kind of what has happened in Nantucket. Many longtime Nantucket vacationers are coming into my shop this summer and commenting on the fact that there seem to be more changes this summer than before. Stores have suddenly disappeared, restaurants have changed ownerships or changed names, menus, interior makeovers such as The Ropewalk turning into Cru and Even Keel turning into Met On Main. It wasn’t that long ago that Even Keel was the Espresso Café and before that The Sweet Shop. It’s just a matter of your reference point and when you arrived.  I began to notice the changes in April when everything was coming alive in town. In fact, I stopped counting the different shops and restaurants after a dozen or so. In general, lovers of Nantucket do not like change. Read More