July 4th Decorating Tips

By July 1, 2011Creative Ideas

If you are planning a  Fourth of July party here are some entertaining tips:

1.Flags make the perfect patriotic decoration with a spin. Wrap them around throw pillows and simply pin at the back. Or wrap the pillows with red and white or blue and white checked fabric, even dishtowels.

2. Use red, white and blue ribbons to edge painted boxes, flower pots, or placemats as well as using the more elaborate, wire-edged ribbons for curtain tie backs.

3. If you sew, use those little flags that come on poles, remove, wash the sizing out of the fabric and stitch the little flags together to make a table cover. I like to quilt flags. It’s a cinch to stitch along the stripes and around each star. While some people might think this is an irreverent nod to our American flag I think of it as a rather patriotic gesture.

4. Here’s another party idea using flags, I borrowed the idea from a birthday party I attended last year. String little American flags on a clothesline and hang from tree to tree over your deck or patio for a July 4th barbecue. Or, use a large flag as a tablecover.

5. Here’s the lazy person’s way to set a 4th of July table. Assemble everything you have on hand that is red, white and blue and make a centerpiece arrangement with those items that work together. For example, you might fill a blue bowl with balls of red yarn, red cherries, red apples or flowers from the garden.

6. If you have small children, make a grouping of small toys down the middle of the table.

7. Sand pails are good for holding napkins for a buffet. Use checked dishtowels for oversized napkins for a buffet. For a messy meal such as ribs, use red, white and blue washcloths for napkins and when the meal is finished toss in the wash.

8. Group potted red geraniums in the center of the table and tie them together with a wide red, white and blue ribbon..

9. A quilt makes a wonderful tablecloth in patriotic colors.

10 Consider dying hardboiled eggs to fill a bowl.  Use the eggs as place cards with a name on each one. Use a wax crayon to mark a name on the egg before dipping it into food dye.

11, Marbleize the eggs by wrapping elastic bands this way and that around the hard boiled eggs. Mix a few drops of food color into a glass filled with boiling water and a spoonful of vinegar. Leave until color is intense enough, removing the egg with a spoon to check now and then. Once dry, remove the elastic bands to reveal the marbleized pattern left where the dye did not take. Kids will love doing this with you. Once the party’s over make egg salad. It’s the perfect way to recycle. Have a happy and safe 4th!

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