What Makes a Good Auction?

By March 7, 2012Creative Ideas

On Sunday, March 18th the annual auction to benefit aids research till be held at 6 p.m. at Casa Marina Hotel. I, along with the art community of Key West have donated one of my decoupage plates. I feel honored to be asked to be a part of this event as the artists of Key West are a mighty impressive bunch. I am in good company. Having attended this auction for several years I began to think about what makes a good auction?

An auction has the air of a cocktail party. Good auctions often begtin with drinks and nibbles, just enough to loosen everyone up and get them in the spirit of the event. The items being auctioned are displayed in a tasteful manner for all to preview and while everyone hopes to get a good deal, they are also mindful that this is a charity event. Whatever one bids, it is a win win situation. The artist has donated his or her work. The bidders help to raise the going prices and the successful bidder not only goes home with an original painting or sculpture but has given to a worthy cause. There are no losers at an auction.

I am a veteran auction-attendee. My entire house is furnished with auction finds,. Most items were purchased, or rather bid on and gotten or a steal. Nothing was purchased on impulse nor have I overpaid for anything. I consider myself a savvy auction goer, mostly because I’ve never had deep pockets and I usually go to the preview so I don’t find something horribly wrong with a piece once I get home. In other words, I have my limit to pay for something, and when I buy something that isn’t perfect, I know what I’m bidding on. Mostly I know exactly how much I am willing to spend and the feverish bidding by those around me on site does not get to me.

In the summertime I begin every day at an auction. I go because it is entertaining, not because I need anything, and most of the stuff at our auctions has some historical background, which is enlightening. It lets me know what things are worth, or at least what some vacationing fools will pay.


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