My latest wedding invitation plate

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Custom designed 10-inch wedding invitation plate created from the original invitation and designed with cutout prints to reflect the flowers from your wedding.This plate was designed for a Nantucket couple getting married in Key West, FL. The flowers were part of the invitation and remind me of old-fashioned wallpaper.  See more designs below. Call for custom order info. 508-221-5564 or email

Custom Wedding Invitation Platters

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I love designing wedding invitation plates. Most of them are 10-inches square, but lately I’ve been expanding to platters. Most are 16×20 inches because the invitations are getting larger and there are so many activities with printed programs included. Also, more and more, couples are creating little booklets of events, names of everyone in the wedding party as well as cute maps, “save the date” cards, and lots of other printed material. And then there’s the shower invitation that I usually put on the back.
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Really Last Minute Wrapping Idea

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Let’s face it, there isn’t a whole lot of time left – maybe a few hours to wrap up your gifts.  I am a great believer in recycling when possible. I take great pains to neatly fold the wrapping paper I’ve carefully removed from holiday packages and re-roll ribbon for another use. I cut Christmas cards into package tags and punch holes in one corner, then put them into a greeting card-size box to be used next year. I don’t think I can remember when I last bought holiday gift tags. The ones that aren’t specifically holiday-ish I save for birthday presents. It isn’t frugality that provokes these actions,
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Busy Week

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Leslie signing copies of “Nantucket Cottages & Gardens”
at Marine Home Center during Stroll Weekend. (some still available)

This week has been a busy one for everyone. It seemed like we had lots of time to get decorated and ready for Christmas and suddenly we don’t. Or at least that’s the way it seems. The Festival of Wreaths was a big success. Always a good kick off to the season. Then we had Stroll Weekend and now a round of holiday events. Every year I attend the party at The Homestead – always joyful. Music by the ShepCats – makes the party quite lively. What I like most about this yearly party is that it reminds us of how our community reaches out to all generations and doesn’t forget the elderly.
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Is It Really December?

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How did this happen? November came and went in a flash. And now we’re into the Christmas month with too much to do. But before I get onto Christmas stuff, here’s a rundown of the Lightship Basket Museum Yard Sale. If you missed it this year put it on your calendar for next year and if you’re off island make it a “next year must do”. I have a summer friend who returns to the island with three or four friends for a ladies weekend that centers around this big event.
To put my money where my mouth is, I actually followed my own advice and took stock of my chair situation before turkey day. I was shy one chair. I got a sweet little wooden side chair with a perfect caned seat for $10 bucks! Bought 4 Lloyd Flanders wicker chairs for $15. Each. Perfect condition!
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Christmas Tree Decorations

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cookie dough

This is Nantucket’ Stroll Weekend, an event that has morphed into one of the island’s big attractions. We go all out to take advantage of the fantastic backdrop of our island, not easily duplicated anywhere in the country, to put on a great show. When dusk falls on Friday evening and the trees are lit on Main Street I keep waiting for someone to shout, “Lights, Camera, Action!”

This event started as a community affair for the locals. But like all good things that are Nantucket, it was hard to keep it that way. And so here we are many years later, attracting visitors from near and far to join us in celebrating the season. In this spirit it might be wise to put away that “Bah Humbug Spirit” islanders sometimes adapt for events that involve the invasion of the “body snatchers” and get with it. Pick and choose your activities – there’s so much happening. There will be plenty of island, kick-back time after the weekend.
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Black and White and Red All Over!

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Black and white for Christmas? Oh no, I thought when David Holland Leggieri, Bartlett Farm designer suggested setting a table in black and white for the holidays. I have always reserved this color scheme for New Year’s Eve. It’s kind of a cleansing scheme after all the traditional glitz and glitter of Christmas.

But, thoughts of red and green put aside, here I was oohing and aahing with a group of women over David’s display at the Hayloft. If you’re having a holiday party or planning something special for a Christmas dinner think black and white for a smashingly sophisticated table. To create this look you can use strips of 2-inch wide black and white satin ribbon to cover a table or to simulate a runner down the center of a buffet table. Easy to weave in a pattern. Or cover the table with a striped cloth, scarf or piece of fabric. Or use shiny wrapping paper to create a runner. Pinking sheers will finish off the edges.
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At Home

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Last Sunday we took a walk through Tuppancy Links. If you remember, it was a crisp, clear, and warm day for November. There’s never a crowd there, mostly dog owners since it’s a dog-friendly place. Walking along the path that ends with a view of the water, reminds us why we live here. There are still open spaces, like Sanford Farm across the road and the Moors, the beaches at this time of year and so many more places to enjoy the beauty of the island. Once we get past summer, this place is returned to us, and it’s magical. No traces of resort, just community.

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Christmas Is Coming

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I was in the Stop & Shop the other day and guess what? They’re already giving out red tickets! This is a sure sign that from now on we’ll be getting reminders that Christmas is coming. We just finished Halloween and the best and surely biggest parade ever on Main Street. This community really knows how to dress appropriately for any occasion and outdid themselves this year. It’s fun to see the parents, not just the kids, in costume.

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