June is Wedding Month

June is wedding month on Nantucket. Every weekend in June there might be as many as ten weddings filling all the churches and popular wedding venues including the various beaches. Let’s face it, can you think of a better, more romantic place to be married? Your guests will remember your special weekend as their special weekend as well. What inspires wedding themes? NANTUCKET FLOWERS!


Roses come to mind first. How can we ignore them when they’re climbing all over the cottages? Think pink! It’s the color of the season. Pink is feminine. Does anyone NOT like pink? It’s so sweet and soft and romantic. But wait, even the guys are getting into this color. J. Crew’s catalog features pink oxford men’s shirts. Think Ralph Lauren! And our very own faded Nantucket Reds with navy blazers – A classic groomsman outfit. Now can you visualize a pink wedding theme? There ARE shades of pink that lean more toward sophistication than icing on a cake. Just a quick heads up for fall planning (I know, this assumes we’re all super organized) however – in October there will be an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston called “Think Pink”. It explores the history and changing meanings of the color as its popularity came and went and came back again in fashion and visual culture from the 18th century to now. When the exhibit opens I’ll write more about. But here’s a wonderful teaser, the MFA will be illuminated in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A Fair Street cottage covered with pink roses

For now, back to roses and pink for weddings. For many years I’ve been designing decoupage plates with original wedding invitations. I surround the invitation with cutout botanical prints that represent, as closely as possible, the flowers used at the wedding or in the bride’s bouquet. Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of invitations and always marvel at how many different styles are available. AND how many different flowers are used to symbolize this special day. But here on Nantucket, the flowers of choice for spring and summer weddings are roses and hydrangeas, both blue and white. Untitled5

I just finished this wedding invitation plate for someone to give as a gift. While the wedding isn’t taking place on Nantucket, garden roses and pink peonies are popular themes across the country. One of my favorite rose-themed wedding plates I made last year was for Dr. Mike Roby and his “bride” Amy. (Mike’s our local opthomologist).


This wedding bouquet inspired my decoupage wedding invitation plate.

In the fall many brides choose sunflowers. The flowers of choice are not solely limited to the wedding event. There are many lovely parties surrounding or leading up to the big day. A small luncheon, a bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner, an intimate dinner with the soon-to-be newlyweds and their parents, a bride and her sisters and cousins are all occasions.


Just the two of us! A simple dinner before the guests arrive. You remembered the wine. Don’t forget the flowers!


An intimate dinner for bride, groom and their parents. Fill a lightship basket with sunflowers, hydrangeas or roses.

How to stay energized throughout your wedding day.


  1. Eat a big breakfast with both carbs and protein to get you thru the day even if you don’t think you can eat a thing.
  2. Hydrate all day so you keep up your energy.
  3. Pack tiny, healthy, nibble snacks like a baggy of carrot strips.
  4. Stow a bag of something like trail mix and fruit slices in the limo.
  5. Don’t overdo it with caffeine.
  6. Recharge your battery with short quick walks for “alone” time throughout the day.


A Nantucket wedding screams out for a table set with shells. The centerpiece here is a string of scallop shell lights in a hurricane lamp – Lovely for an evening wedding or a shower dinner. Keep everything natural. A quilted tablecloth adds softeness, a scallop shell on each striped napkin (oversized dishtowels are great for a messy clam bake), miniature lightship baskets to hold candies or bridesmaid gift (like earrings or a Nantucket lightship basket on a chain). Send your wedding tips to me so I can share them with others: leslie@leslielinsley.com or visit me on Facebook..