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Leslie Linsley’s latest book, “Christmas on Nantucket” is available at your local bookstore, on Amazon, and signed copies are available at Mitchell’s Book Corner, Nantucket (508-228-1080).

Leslie Linsley has been credited with the revival of découpage in this country through her first book, “Découpage, A New Look At An Old Craft”.  She has since published more than 70 books on crafts and decorating.

Her books are available at, and from the following publishers:

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Christmas on Nantucket

Salvage Style

Country Living Salvage Style: Decorate with Vintage Finds

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • 2017
  • Hearst
  • 8.6 x 0.7 x 10.1 inches

Salvage style—decorating with repurposed and vintage items like wicker furniture, cast-iron tubs, polished marble, industrial pendant lights, and even tractor seats—has become a chic way to create unique, personal rooms. By reclaiming honest materials and collectibles, large and small, all imbued with their own history, you can infuse your home with warmth, charm, and individuality. Let the experts at Country Living show you how to find and make the most of discarded treasures, such as old windows, barn doors, metal military desks, mailroom filing cabinets, factory lamps, and hand-forged iron hooks. Plus, the editors share best practices for bargain hunting and obtaining the most desirable cast-offs, such as antique beams and weathered barn wood. Stunning photos of every room, along with imaginative ideas from homeowners, will spark your creativity and give you an eye-opening perspective on the decorative potential of “trash.”

  • Nantucket Cottages and Gardens
    • Charming Spaces on the Faraway Isle
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Skyhorse Publishing
  • 1st edition (May 19, 2015)
  • 10 × 10 inches
nantucket_island_living_by Leslie_Linsley
  • Nantucket
    • Island Living
  • 220 color photos by Terry Pommett
  • 22 Nantucket creative home interiors
  • Hardcover
  • Autographed
  • Published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang/Abrams
  • 11.2 x 10.3 inches
  • “If you wish to relate the distinctive heritage charm of Nantucket and words are failing you, take along this book.”—Bill Tramposch, Executive Director, Nantucket Historical Association
  • “What I fell for when I first came to this island was the sense that I was a million miles from everywhere else I knew. This book captures that joy as well as the unique history and style of this island. Nantucket may have changed over the years, but flipping through these pages reminds me that you cannot change the core of Nantucket that has charmed so many of us.” —David Gregory of NBC News, Nantucket Home Owner
  • Key West
    • A Tropical Lifestyle
  • Interiors of 22 houses
  • Over 200 lush, full-color photographs
  • Hardcover
  • 224 Pages
  • Published by Monacelli Press
  • Photos by Terry Pommett
  • “This book gives the true eclectic style of Key West. The photos are wonderful and give an accurate insight into the private homes and life style of this laid back, creative, elegant, charming community…..It gives one a look at the gracious stately old homes as well as the most impressive renovations of cottages in “old town.” Book is filled with gorgeous full page photographs, beautifully, uniquely, Key West!” —Amazon review by J. McGregor (Louisville, Kentucky)
  • Aged To Perfection
    • Adding Rustic Charm to Your Modern Home Inside and Out
  • 8-1/2 x 10 in.
  • Hard cover
  • 192 pages all in color
  • A Country Living Book
  • Lavishly illustrated and inspirational, this guide reveals the secrets to adding old-world charm and character to any home — even newly constructed houses. From heirloom furniture to classic window treatments, ideas abound for creating a beautiful rustic effect.

Leslie Linsley’s DECOUPAGE

“Leslie Linsley’s Découpage: Design, Create, Display” is lavishly illustrated with photographs of découpage creations in beautiful settings. Everything you need to know to create your own decoupage project is explained with complete how-to directions  as well as Leslie’s inspiration for design, crafting tips and sources for supplies.

  • 200 pages
  • 8=1/2 × 10 inches
  • Lavishly illustrated
  • soft cover
upscale downsizing by leslie linsley

Upscale Downsizing

Due out in October, Leslie Linsley’s new book shows how to create a stylish, elegant, smaller home. Whether because of a change in circumstances, an empty nest, or simply a desire for a different lifestyle, people are downsizing their spaces while remaining upscale in taste. Leslie Linsley shows how you can achieve maximum aesthetic results in minimal space. Lavishly illustrated with over 200 full color photographs.

  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Sterling
Leslie Linsley's Weekend Decorating

Leslie Linsley’s Weekend Decorating 

1001 Quick Home Decoration Ideas, Tips and How-To’s

  • Hardcover
  • 1993
  • Warner Books
  • 8.3 x 5.8 x 1.3 inches

“A wealth of good practical advice for every room in your home.”
—Cynthia Edmunds, Decorating Editor, Woman’s Day