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WOW! IT’S 2015. Didn’t the year fly by? Do we say that every year?

The sun is shining and this morning I took a walk out along the Washington Street town pier. I counted three little boats in the harbor but the seagulls were out in full force. The pier was littered with broken shells, a testament to the ingenuity of the gulls. How did they all figure out exactly how to get a meal. At what height do they have to fly in order to drop the shell so it will open? Sounds silly but it’s what I was pondering as I watched them. Most of all I marveled at the stillness – No seasonal energy. I’ve lived here most of my life and never tire of this time of year.

Since I live in town I don’t consider it a neighborhood. In a neighborhood , it’s assumed there are neighbors. Windows are shaded or shuttered closed until summer. I’m used to it and don’t find it weird, unless a winter houseguest comments about it. Hooray! The holidays are over. Time to regroup. Reorganize your space. Here’s what could sound pathetic. My daily walk to do errands is like a social life. I bump into at least three or four people I know and a little chat in the supermarket is like going to a cocktail party. In ten minutes you catch up with whatever needs catching up with.

If you’re on the same page, you’re embracing January as a sort of selfish month. Need some cozying-up ideas? Make your home the best place to be. No more December brouhaha. I finished my new book before the very last day of the month. – a big goal! The layout is complete thanks to Jon and it’s off to the publisher. That said, cozy, charming, cottage style is on my mind. Here are some ideas for a little warmth, Nantucket cottage style.

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Parisian Style in Palm Beach

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Think Paris. Think style. Last week I discovered a bit of Parisian style in Palm Beach. Nantucketers who vacation in Florida fall into two camps. It’s a matter of East versus West Coasts: Naples, Sarasota or Sanibel for some, Palm Beach social life for others. And then there’s Key West – the funkiest of all. . Last year, Nantucket gallery owner, Janis Aldridge, opened a shop/gallery in Palm Beach.  Read More